About company

"Delkom40" is located in the city of Gomel in the Soviet district, on Borisenko street, 11/4.

It is a subsidiary of COM40 group, located in the Western part of Poland in Nove-Skalmierzyce.

COM40 specializes in the production of upholstered furniture. The structure of the company also includes a factory of mattresses and components. The group of companies employs a total of more than 8,000 employees. Production capacity reaches more than 2 million pieces of furniture per year and 4 million mattresses.

The company consists of the following production departments:

  • workshop for the production of upholstered furniture No. 1
  • workshop for the production of upholstered furniture No. 2
  • workshop for the production of nonwovens
  • workshop for cutting woven and non-woven materials
  • pillow manufacturing workshop
  • sewing workshop No. 1
  • sewing workshop No. 2
Woodworking production:
  • workshop for cutting board materials
  • woodworking shop

Production facilities are more than 65,000 м2


Upholstery furniture

According to your needs we can produce:

  • sofas 2/3 seat
  • corner
  • armchairs
  • chaise loungues
  • poufs
DELKOM40 Cooperation advantages:

Non-woven polyester wadding

“DELKOM40” LLC. is a dynamically expanding company focused on upholstery production

We produce a wide range of upholstery furniture and its components (solid wood and woodboard elements, fabrics cut & sew, polyester wadding, foam cutting)


By using high performance industrial equipment we can produce complicated forms of solidwood and particle board elements for diferent purposes.

Job offers

We are a company for which development and new challenges determine the direction of a daily work. If you are open to changes, can identify problems accurately and find a creative solutions then we are the ideal employer for you! We are always looking for professional and ambitious people who wants to improve their skills and get a new knowledge. We understand that through our employees we can realize our ambitions. If you want to become a part of our company, manage your own career and work with amazing people then you are on the right path. To find out more about our current opportunities, please click the link below: Vacancy List or call our HR Team :

We are always looking for exceptional people to join our growing team. If a specific role you are interested in is not be listed here, we would still be happy to review your CV and contact you if a suitable position becomes available in the future. Please e-mail us with you cv at: rekrutacja@delkom40.by

Information for suppliers

Purchasing manager
Fabrics, non-woven materials, foam rubber, sewing accessories

Plastics and metals, packaging products, fiber

Technical procurement

Lumber, board products, glue

Information for contractors

LLC "Delkom40" is interested in cooperation with the following organizations: Project phase

  1. Engineering surveys for construction sites (first to fourth grade of complexity):
    • engineering and geodetic surveys
    • engineering-geological survey
    • engineering and environmental surveys
  2. General designer functions
  3. Development of project documentation for construction sites (first to fourth grade of complexity):
    • general plan
    • architectural solutions
    • budget documentation
    • building solutions
    • internal engineering equipment, internal networks and systems:heating, ventilation and air conditioning, cold supply, water supply and sewerage, power supply, power electrical equipment and electric lighting, automation, gas supply systems
    • external networks and systems: heat supply, water supply, power supply, gas supply network
    • engineering and technical measures of civil defense
    • environmental protection
    • boiler house design
    • design of fire automatics and alarm systems

LLC "Delkom40" is interested in cooperation with the following organizations: Construction phase

  1. Construction of objects (first-fourth grade of complexity):
  • geodetic works during construction
  • concrete and ferro-concrete monolithic constructions
  • assembly of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • installation of stone and reinforced structures
  • roofing
  • facade systems of thermal insulation and facing of facades of buildings
  • external networks of water supply and the water drain
  • internal systems of a waterpipe and the water drain
  • external networks of a heat supply
  • internal networks of a heat supply
  • external networks and power lines, transformer substations and switchgears
  • internal power supply systems
  • internal gas supply systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • highways
  • cooling systems
  • automation systems
  • process piping
  • fire automatics and alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems